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We’ve entered the vacation period, a much-desired and well-deserved moment.

The challenges on the table are great and the moment is and continues to be one of constant change. It is therefore increasingly important to be consistent in recording and implementing what we have committed to individually and together.

But “just” making it happen is no longer enough. We need to constantly improve. Today our proposal is along these lines… it’s not a sharing, it’s an incentive for transformation that will allow you to be more creative. Curiosity, originality and courage make the difference today and Immersis wants to help.

So, until the new year, here are some individual challenges we suggest for the summer. If you do at least one of them, we’re sure you’ll have a clear impact on your performance and the performance of your collective in the last four months of the year. Here they are:

  1. Question something that is predefined in your company. Rules are made by people… so they can be changed.
  2. Triple the number of ideas for a specific problem. Great athletes only get 1 out of 3 right, the best way to create a positive impact is to have more ideas.
  3. Break into a new area. Originality increases when you broaden your frame of reference. An instrument, a new area of knowledge, dance, theater. Dive in!
  4. Seek more critical reactions from your peers. It’s hard to be a judge of our own ideas. Our peers are in a position to detect the potential and potential of our ideas.

Here are the suggestions! Choose 1 and make this an epic summer of growth, contribution and originality.

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Unleash your originality