The power of experiences


“I don’t know what to do anymore… I want something different.” “I don’t want it to be just ‘fun’.” “I want it to add value to the organization.”

The companies that contact Immersis ask these questions. And others like them, in search of solutions for new experiences with their teams.

Immersis arose from the belief of its managers in high-impact experiences, where the educational component is always present, enabling participants to develop skills that they take with them into their daily lives, translating into real behavioral changes. In other words, those responsible believe in the power of experiences to transform people and organizations. One of them, Carlos Moreira, points out that “an immersive experience is “absorbing and parallel to everyday life”, and “can be a real-life situation, involving people in an unexpected, disruptive context and capable of generating a range of sensations and emotions”. In this way, he explains, “a behavioral change is also stimulated, since the impact of the messages transmitted through the experience is very intense and allows for the spontaneous adoption of new behaviors in the future.”

“Moving Experiences”, “Courageous Experiences”, “Gaming Experiences”, “Disruptive Experiences”, “Artistic Experiences” and “Building Experiences” are some of the areas into which the solutions presented by the company are divided. For example, in the first area there are initiatives such as City Game, Inverted Race, A Medieval Day, GoldTreasure Hunt, Sunset Party and MBTI: The Game. They vary a lot. For example, CityGame serves to develop skills such as dealing with unexpected situations, strengthening a sense of belonging, problem-solving and emotional intelligence.
Six to 60 people can take part, it lasts two to eight hours and has a preparation time of two weeks.
The Inverted Race refers to skills such as overcoming personal problems, promoting interpersonal relationships, planning and organizational skills, team spirit and interpersonal communication. It takes between 20 and 200 people, lasts four hours and has a preparation time of two weeks.

Remote experiences

In addition to face-to-face experiences, there is also the possibility of remote experiences, which are enhanced by the current context.
Those responsible at Immersis even point out, precisely in view of the pandemic we are currently experiencing, that “the impoverishment of relationships means that levels of trust between team members decrease, the quality of communication becomes poorer, problem-solving becomes more difficult, the speed with which tasks are carried out is slower (and, consequently, projects are slower) and individualization gradually takes the place of collaboration”.

The same people share what can be gained from ‘online team buildings’: “respecting the rules of communication more; readjusting ways of working to a new context; applying creativity to the challenges posed by new communication tools, training to carry out collaborative tasks remotely, strengthening team spirit (leveling up confidence levels) and getting to know different facets of the members of one’s own team.”
Remote Team Challenge, Mysterious Envelope, Defusing V-Bombs, Leadership Maze, Be together, Tic Tac Mission, Performing, United Memorial Art, Mindtrap and Quiz are Immersis’ proposals for remote experiences.

The Just Media team took part in the Tic Tac Misson experiment, where they managed to switch off a time bomb a few minutes before it was due to explode. It had the collaboration of two members of Immersis, Patrícia Figueiredo, ‘project leader’, and Pedro Santos, ‘project manager’.”

Source: Revista Human Editor July/August 2020
Read the article here (pages 12 and 13).

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The power of experiences