The future? Hybrid.

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10 March, 2021
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6 May, 2021

The future? Hybrid.

There also seems to be a consensus that remote work is here to stay, even when teams can physically return to their workplaces.

This conviction changes the way we think about team meetings, their formation, corporate events and in a very evident way ... teambuilding actions. In the past we had moments lived as a team in person, then we abruptly started to live them remotely and now it is essential to think about their redesign for a future that will be hybrid.

Hybrid immersive experiences, what are they?

These are experiences that happen physically on the ground, as they did in the past and for the whole team, wherever they are!

Certainly the most appropriate to apply at times when the organization wants to transmit a certain message to the entire team, in a teambuilding format, for example, but when some employees are in person and others are remote.

For example, we may have a part of the team or organization in a hotel, with the challenge of finding and digging up a real treasure chest, with several physical challenges along the way, but whose coordinates of its location are the responsibility of the remote intel team that has to solve some puzzles online to get this information that will be transmitted to colleagues in the field.

Actually, hybrid immersive experiences do not just emerge as a response to this new context that we live in since they can be extremely useful for organizations that have always had and that continue to have employees dispersed across the globe. The realization of corporate events or teambuilding moments with the entire team was, in these organizations, often postponed until the next opportunity to have all employees physically together.

We know that many moments of development of these and other teams were lost, due to the simple fact that the most appropriate format was not adopted, but it is effectively possible to design an emotionally strong moment, with the participation of all and the transmission of the necessary message a reflection that serves as a basis for the team development.

We will be able to choose in the future to work remotely or at any of the various physical facilities made available by our organization in some part of the planet. Many already do so today. Some of us will never get to know in person, many of our colleagues. But the possibility of building highly effective teams in this context that we will live, more and more, in the near future remains within our reach. A hybrid future.

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