Sensations of a tembuilding

The future? Hybrid.
25 March, 2021
The ability to be attentive to others
6 August, 2021

Sensations of a tembuilding

The Hybrid Environment

There are about 25 participants in the hotel room and remotely almost 40, spread over seven European countries, with some of them in their homes and others in their offices. This team of 65 people from a multinational company decided to have a hybrid teambuilding with well-defined goals. The event host starts explaining the experience that is about to begin. Everything takes place in English.


It is intended that this team is faced with a challenge so immersive that it will lead them to forget that it is just a training session. The keywords are: Communication and Interdependence - the image and sound of the host reach remote participants through a video conference platform (eg: Zoom or Teams) while detailing the briefing in the hotel room where he's at, with the experience support staff. While some receive an envelope with their mission and prepare their backpacks to set foot on the way, others access a website where they can download precious information.

Some of the adventurers on the ground have headphones and a smartphone holder, so whoever is remote can see everything that is happening as they progress.

The hybrid experience begins!

Mission: The Chest

Everyone learns that the ultimate goal of this immersive experience is to be able to discover a real treasure chest and access its precious content. They will only be successful if remote participants are able to discover the treasure map that has the famous cross, marking the location of the chest leading the field team there.

They will only be successful if the participants who are on the ground go through some mandatory points on the map and collect the tools that will allow them to access the chest.

Some are the team's central intelligence, others transform theory into practice and make it happen. Everyone counts.

They arrive at the place marked with the cross.

Adrenaline until the end!

In fact, the shovels they collected at the mandatory points were not merely symbolic and they start the excavation, while those who are remotely try to understand how will the chest open.

Seriously!? Seriously. Deep inside is a huge and heavy wooden box, the ropes are used to pull it to the surface. Everything is being transmitted to the remote team.

The wooden box protected a phenomenal treasure chest that is now at the mercy of the entire team. It is closed and still needs a lot of collaborative work to unveil its treasures. Some solve the puzzles remotely, others solve them locally.

And we can't say anything else, but this is how an immersive hybrid experience unfolds.

Do you already feel like wanting to try this?

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