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16 February, 2022
Regresso ao Escritório

Return to the Office

Working from home has offered many benefits. We all recognize them today, they are not the “widespread myth” of 3 years ago.

Working from home has offered many benefits. We all recognize them today, they are not the “widespread myth” of 3 years ago.

But it is uncomfortable to speak of the “return”. We know that many of the benefits of working from home are good for employees, and many of the benefits of working in the office are good for the organization. The latter end up affecting employees more indirectly, which makes their return less “desirable”.

Now that an announced return seems more certain, it is very important that all conditions are created for everyone to “want to return”. Some hope to keep work flexible, others want improvements to the way the workplace is organized and adjusted to this return. They want a fundamentally better work experience, because they don't want to give up what's good at home.

In this scenario, leaders will have to demonstrate that the return mitigates the lack of connection and collaboration found in remote work, and must accelerate meetings, joint deliveries and informal social connections. They must show that they understand that working from home circumstances are different, and they must listen deeply to what employees bring in this return, as it certainly comes with the need to be different.

But the responsibility is not just the leadership.

As it makes no sense to return to “worse”, it is essential to return to an effectively better office, a return that must be supported by a truly integrated reception plan that reveals, in all its splendor, the new value proposition.

At the moment, companies that are better prepared and more aware of this reality already have many ideas thought and written to encourage you to return. Initiatives related to your building, new and flexible ways of working, models of sharing and connection, new benefits and the process of change that awaits those who return.

From what we have noticed, companies that are doing this better have added a thread to this new “welcome”... a narrative supported by an activity that allows gamifying the process while encouraging employees to experiment and give feedback on everything that they have found again, positively contaminating everyone's state of mind so that the return is “aspired” rather than rejected.

During this period, the team gives consistency to learning through internal communication and enhances the action plan through a single dynamic that is activated | deactivates during the return cycle. At Immersis we have been using our Chase Game, an online game based on a mobile application installed on the smartphone by the employees themselves.

In this dynamic, participants receive the indication of the moments where the game starts. The game remains “live” for several days, with activity moments where multiple challenges are launched during the return days according to plan. As it is not necessary for everyone to be playing at the same time, the stimuli contribute to constant participation but do not always overload the same employees.

The logic is spectacular, because only at the event and at the time indicated for the start of the game, access is given to the list of challenges to be carried out, fully customized to the company. At that moment, it is necessary to make choices, work as a team and publish internally the success of the missions carried out.

Some examples? Find Mr. Filipe from maintenance and take a picture with him “fixing you”; Take a cultural break in the social area and show us your reading; Prove that you've already signed up for one of the return webinars this week!

With this type of dynamics, it is possible to guarantee that the action plan is known, experienced and shared. Let collaboration and celebration happen. May the new value proposition become collective consciousness.

Employees receive a salary and benefits from the company, but also opportunities for growth, socialization and fulfillment. To continue to ensure that everyone gains from their work experience in 2022, it is critical to welcome one of your most valuable assets.

Happy return!

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