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Can togetherness be achieved remotely?

In recent months, without the face-to-face contact to which teams were accustomed, they have also seen limited the collection of multisensory information and the ability to interpret the non-verbal language of others. One of the most visible consequences today is the greater difficulty to develop empathy with each other and with the teams we are part of.

This has real consequences for the business: less ability to solve problems, poorer communication, less collaboration, less mutual trust and above all LESS SPEED!

But neither the business can slow down, nor the teams can lower their arms and resign themselves. The process of accelerating adaptation to this new context requires the appropriation of new tools, much training, and above all, ensuring that the connection, being together endures.

The challenge that we see in this reality is to prepare a new design of immersive experiences that allows to provide unique and relaxed moments to the teams, with a strong associated playful component, but that helps them to maintain the emotional bonds that exist while helping accelerate the learning required to work in this current context.

On September 1st, we talked about that on “3 Minutos a Inspirar Portugal” [3 Minutes Inspiring Portugal] from RTP, our national TV channel.

The program gives voice to companies that developed solutions to help them overcome this business breakdown during the pandemic. In our case, we talked about how in the first week of March we had all projects canceled and seen our activity reduced to zero. The challenge was to adapt some of our in-person products for a remote environment and develop many more from scratch. In 4 months we've managed to maintain our team and the entire structure of partners, created 12 products, held about 20 events, won 30% of new customers, and kept the previous ones, and we have projects with much more interesting margins. The pandemic has also opened the way for internationalization and we have developed many projects outside Portugal.

  • Today we are challenged to recreate a new reality that allows us to continue to establish these relationships of trust, to interact and communicate, without prejudice to all the benefits that the physical presence allowed, but giving it a different format. It was with this challenge in mind that we contacted Immersis and its team. Already accustomed to their professionalism and their competence in understanding our needs and the desired end result, we knew that they would be the right choice to create a virtual event that would be the recreation of a moment, until now lived and experienced physically and in person. And so we outlined our plan together ... So we made it happen ... And so we performed for the first time the Reception and Integration of our Trainees from the + Talento 2020 Program from CUF, in a 100% virtual format! Final result? Expectations widely exceeded by everyone!!!
    Íris Preto
    Direção de Recursos Humanos Cuf
  • Immersis is an example that should be an inspiration for the quick and creative way in which they reinvented themselves. Intelligently and robustly, Immersis continues to challenge us with different purposes now adjusted to the new context in which we live.
    Sónia Nunes
    Head of People & Culture, Mercer Portugal
  • In the context of the pandemic, with part of the teams working remotely it became essential to maintain the connection with people, so as not to loose the relational part and also the interdependence between everyone in the conduct of various projects and in the response to the crisis scenario. Formal meetings were important, but we lacked a more relaxed approach, which not only worked on the connection and reactivated the fundamentals of teamwork, but at the same time, allowed us to relax and laugh together. And so it was! ... The Remote Team Challenge and the Virtual Bombs were good moments that unequivocally fulfilled our goals. The content, the technological part and the Immersis team support were fundamental factors in the success of these experiences.
    Ana Herrero
    Leader Desafio Humano Leroy Merlin
  • At Fidelidade we remain committed to the well-being of our people and our teams and we want to continue to reinforce the feeling of belonging and collaboration. One of our bets to reinforce and promote this spirit has been through teambuilding actions with Immersis and we have already had the opportunity to see on numerous occasions the positive impact of these sessions on people and teams. In a scenario where the so-called new normal is now a digital normal, making teambuildings in digital formats was a natural step and a very simple decision, not only because the challenges are the same, but because the potential of the results as well.
    Engª Joana Queiroz Ribeiro
    Diretora de Pessoas e Organização Fidelidade