Moving Experiences

These immersive experiences are not lived in a single space, in fact, their main characteristic consists, precisely, in the movement of participants through different places and environments.

PARTICIPANTS: 6 to 45 people


A relay race that starts with only one athlete and everyone reaches the finish line at the same time‎


This very original experience consists of carrying out a 5 km or 10 km relay race where an athlete starts alone and every 200 meters he will join the other members of the group... ending with the total of participants reaching the finish line simultaneously.
Some will run about 5km or 10km and others just over 200m, but all will have to be part of the platoon and that implies knowing a password to enter, which is based on the mutual knowledge of the participants.
It's an activity that benefits of the current notoriety in the world of running, very present in some organizations.

What is it for?

The first aspect to be focused on in this activity, which starts before the race itself, is related to the ability of resource planning, determining which participants stay at each point of 200 meters.
During the relay competition, the mutual knowledge of the team members is emphasized, as well as their resilience, since everyone must cut the finish line together, a very relevant and highly mobilizing aspect.


Let's prepare a team party and admire Lisbon at Sunset!

This celebration experience consists of rewarding the team with a fantastic party aboard a boat on the Rio Tejo with the opportunity to watch the sunset, transforming this moment into a true sunset party.
Before going on board they will be faced with the task to prepare all the ingredients for their own celebration, from the starters to the main dishes, drinks, desserts, and even the DJ set and the video of the event. All of this in 2 hours followed by 3 hours of partying!
Through this experience, they will feel very special and will be able to keep forever in their memory this special day lived as a team.

What is it for?
It puts the team to the test, given the pressure generated by having to prepare a sunset party in 2 hours (they may or they may not know that the party is for themselves).
In these moments of greatest stress, two types of behavior may arise on the part of the team: they become more cohesive facing the dimension of the challenge or they open cracks in their structure and disintegrate due to small internal conflicts.
At the end of the day, this is a great motive to decompress and celebrate the existence of the team.

DURATION:3h to 5h
PARTICIPANTS: 20 to 140 people

DURATION: 2h to 4h
PARTICIPANTS: 10 to 60 people

MBTI: the game

Are our choices that define who we are, or is it the other way around?

It consists of a journey from dichotomic choices that participants make at each decision point of their way.
The questions that underlie their decisions are inspired by the MBTI, so the path followed and the choices made will allow us to get to know each of the participants better and prepare them with a surprisingly personalized ending, according to their profile.

What is it for?
The group will be divided into four teams that will start the game at a different starting point, which will correspond to each of the dimensions of the MBTI.
From that moment, they begin their journey towards each of the other three locations, with a decision making at each point (four decisions will be made).
Whenever they make a decision, they provide us with another piece of information that will characterize them and the group will disintegrate, having, however, to carry out the same four resilience and overcoming activities.
Each decision made by the participants allows us to build their MBTI profile.