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I want to be transformed by Immersis

How do immersive experiences change people?

Have you ever wondered how could you make people you work with change a certain behavior without feeling obliged to do it? Have you ever had a situation in your life that has changed the way you see things around you, how you speak, or how you behave?

If you had been told that one day you could live that you would not believe it, but as you went through that experience everything, effectively, changed. An Immersive Experience is just that, an absorbing experience parallel to everyday life, which can consist of a real-life situation, involving people in an unexpected, disruptive context that generates a set of sensations and emotions. Like this one, for example.

This way, a behavioral change is also stimulated, since the impact of messages transmitted through the experience is very intense and allows for the spontaneous adoption of new behaviors in the future. But these experiences are not “one size fits all”, in fact, they are far from that. There are specific needs and very specific characteristics in each group. For this reason, our Immersive Experiences are built from the ground up for each challenge presented to us.

I hope that these experiences arouse your curiosity, but above all, that they awaken you to a new reality: one in which everything we experience can change us forever.

  • The expression “behavioral training” always was confusing to me. The usefulness of aligning practices is unquestionable, but people are “beings” and it is in the work of that awareness that a more lasting result is produced. In contrast, it is in “immersive exercise”, in the face of real situations, that we get to know better the roots of our decisions and the impact we generate on others. It is a fine work of self-discovery that, if done well, leads to better conduct - not by means of extrinsic imposition, but by the humble acceptance that a process of change is beginning.
    Tarcísio Pontes
    DRH - MBA - Millennium Banking Academy
  • I had very positive contact with Immersis and I was surrendered to the type of training they provide, outside of the most classic molds, very fun, relevant, and most importantly, with observable results. A team of one of my restaurants underwent training and the result was spectacular: not only did they love the experience, as it was evident the learning and immediate benefits derived from the training. They got to know their skills and weaknesses better, as well as those of their colleagues, which allowed them to progress, not only in their personal dynamics but in communication with others, which brought immediate improvements to the team.
    Chef Chakall
    Entrepeneur & Chef
  • Immersis transformed my vision of teambuilding. The Immersive Experience we have experienced strengthened the bonds between each member of the team and created an absolutely necessary spirit of solidarity. This experience also had the advantage of stimulating everyone's professional awareness. It is the perfect example of collective, stimulating, useful and successful learning, which captures the attention and memory of the group. The transfer of this immersive experience to everyday work was done in a natural and sustainable way!
    Matthieu Douziech
    Entrepeneur & Owner - Harpoon Jobs (ex-DRH L’Oréal Portugal)
  • In the extremely competitive environment in which we find ourselves, the so-called traditional training models, although important, are sometimes insufficient for the behavioral transformation we intend to operate. It is not just about training, it is about transformation and it is in this context that experiential and immersive training has become the model to be adopted by the organization. The practical results [of this Immersive Experience] were excellent, not only because there was a story to tell and the impact it had on the deconstruction of the organization's daily practices, but also by becoming aware of the need for change, helping to build the future model performance of the commercial team.
    Rogério Canhoto
    Chief Revenue Officer - Grupo IMPRESA (ex-CEO Havas Media)