Let’s put on a fireman’s uniform?


In the week commemorating Professional Firefighters’ Day, we look back on a few moments when we involved them in our actions, even if they didn’t know it. Our aim? To pay tribute, surprising them in a simple and humble way for everything they do for us.

It feels so good when you can brighten someone’s day with small gestures, doesn’t it? We like this kind of attitude, but we’d like to be able to do much more for those who really deserve it. So we couldn’t help but include the fire department in one of our experiences from start to finish!

Yes, that’s right. We managed to involve the fire department in our dynamics! In the midst of all the hustle and bustle they go through when called upon – and unfortunately this summer their contribution to our well-being was once again at risk, among many in the fight against the flames in Monchique – they always have to have the ability to solve TEAMS!

MISSION, a relatively small word, but with a greater meaning than we often realize. Do we ever stop to think about our own missions? Do we all know what our team’s mission is? That of our company?

In a situation like those experienced by these professionals, would our team know where and how to go? Would our leadership know where and how to take us, given our characteristics?

Put on the uniform of a firefighter for a day. Be part of the corps and, in a controlled environment, experience this spirit and draw from it what is necessary for our daily lives: Teamwork (interdependence); Leadership; Decision-making; Resistance to stress; Interpersonal communication.

We’d like to know: who would be willing to put out a fire in a building? Pull someone in trouble down from the floor of a building? Rescue a victim of a fall from a cliff? Or even to extricate a victim of a traffic accident… One thing is certain for us, we know that no team that goes through an experience like this will ever be the same again!

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Let’s put on a fireman’s uniform?