6 August, 2021

The ability to be attentive to others

Anyone who has never nodded their head in a conversation without listening to a bit of what the other person was saying… throw the first stone! This phenomenon is not necessarily related to a lack of interest in the conversation in question or in the other person.
6 May, 2021

Sensations of a tembuilding

There are about 25 participants in the hotel room and remotely almost 40, spread over seven European countries, with some of them in their homes and others in their offices. This team of 65 people from a multinational company decided to have a hybrid teambuilding with well-defined goals. The event host starts explaining the experience that is about to begin.
25 March, 2021

The future? Hybrid.

There also seems to be a consensus that remote work is here to stay, even when teams can physically return to their workplaces.
10 March, 2021

4 Strategies to face loss in the team

In addition to an extraordinary athlete, Alfredo Quintana was a very special person, praised by everyone who spent time with him personally and professionally. Everywhere we found sincere reactions of regret for the loss, but the colleagues of the teams where he played [FCP and National Team] now face a much more overwhelming challenge.
16 February, 2021

5 tips to decrease resistance to learning

Some of us know people who love to learn new things, often obsessed with starting and mastering these topics, which they will soon leave behind, focusing their attention on others that go on the radar. “Shoshin” is the Buddhist word that represents an attitude of openness, enthusiasm and lack of prejudice when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level.
26 January, 2021

Continuity programs

Over the past few months, many organizations and their employees have seen their management skills, such as leadership, planning and decision making, deeply changed. At the beginning of the year the vaccines came, but we immediately realized that this would not allow us to return quickly to the old reality. The reality in which we felt we could predict the next week, at least.
3 November, 2020

Learning is difficult? It can be less difficult for you and your team.

The World Economic Forum recently declared a “state of emergency for companies”. The motive? Consensually, it was agreed that it is urgent to invest in learning to reskill more than one billion employees, whose jobs will be transformed by technology. Even before COVID-19 emerged, the concept of stable employment was already an idea of ​​the past. We now see clearly that the pandemic has only augmented the urgency to increase reskilling efforts, either to keep pace with the transformation process now underway or to dominate the different work models that are part of our daily lives.
7 October, 2020

Santa Claus does not exist

The holidays were a precious pause in a period of deep turmoil in our lives, it was like waking up from a nightmare. We went on vacation, as we always were. After all, it was possible to maintain one of our routines. Everything is going to be okay!
17 July, 2020

Behavioural apnea or effective change?

Behavioural apnea or effective change? Four months of intense learning have passed… I don’t […]