Immersis is the result of a belief.

Over the past 10 years we have consolidated our belief that it is really possible to transform lives through experiences, this was the original Vision that gave birth to this project, which transformed it into a vibrant organization, that we shared with dozens of customers, thousands of people and that paths our future.

Modesty aside, I would say that we should congratulate ourselves! For 10 years of life and for showing that it is possible to believe in this Vision.

Today in this very particular context of “social distancing” in which we find ourselves more than ever, we emphasize what we believe to be our main Mission: Always be a unique solution in the development of people through the continuous innovation of immersive experiences.

In fact, it was necessary to reinvent ourselves so that it would still make sense to provide high-impact experiences and always with an educational purpose.

Those who go through an immersive experience are forever marked and will not be the same. We have become more Courageous, Passionate, Authentic and More Interdependent than ever before. These are the Values that unite us as a team and that transform us daily.

Immersis. Upgrading People

Immersis Experiences


An energetic collective "race" against time, where strategy will transform effort into results!

The Remote Team Challenge is a fun teambuilding activity guided through a mobile application. It's a real-time, online game, which consists of a team challenge, with the objective of reaching an ambitious collective level of points in the time limit. Points are earned through the execution of unusual challenges, the simplest and fastest giving less points and the most difficult and time consuming that give more points. The team is divided into groups [each in their workspace] and everyone has access to the application, where they can see and submit the challenges specifically designed for teams that are not physically together, and that will be carried out in the space of your home/office using your imagination.

What is it for?
Success depends on the strategy defined by the team and above all on the commitment and collaboration that can be promoted. Points are earned by performing fun challenges with a focus on development and learning.

DURATION: 1h to 1h30
PARTICIPANTS: Suitable for small and medium sized teams


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