And nothing will ever be the same.

After all, what does Immersis do?

This was a question that we have been asked time and time again in the past 10 years. The answer was never telegraphic, the explanation presented the concept of immersion, illustrated with several examples of its effectiveness. We told stories more and more stories and each time more ‘unusual’ ones. A long explanation signed with the expression “Upgrading People” that positioned us as we were born: a soft skills training company in the behavioral area.

During 2020, which will be markedly (also) in our history, we stopped to reflect. It is not easy to explain in a nutshell what immersive experiences are, but we are sure that we are not a training company, nor an event company.

It is more effective if we show what we do in a film and summarize it with a sentence that everyone understands why our customers come to us.

Basically, we have rethought our positioning ... and nothing will ever be the same!

Carlos Moreira, Partner

A team that transforms people

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