Gaming Experiences

The necessary ingredients for the design of a game are also those that help us to design an immersive, engaging and very educational experience.


What decisions to make? There is almost no time left!

In this immersive experience, participants play the role of several bomb squad brigades that can be in competition or in collaboration.
Their mission is to defuse several physical bombs before something worse happens!
The explosive devices themselves will present the time limit for the mission and will look extremely real.
Participants will have their own equipment, special tools and unexpected resources at their disposal to complete each step of the task.

What is it for?
It is a true pressure test that checks the ability to deal with stress, to communicate and to make decisions, while the participants have fun trying to discover the best way to dismantle the explosive device.
Groups of participants may be competing with each other, but it can also be a collaborative game in which the ability of each group to test each other is observed. However, in any case, they will have to define and implement a strategy under pressure, as they do on a daily basis, facing the challenges of their role.

The Egg Keeper

A game that will test the participants protective instinct

In this activity, we transform the participants into groups of players who will have the challenge of ensuring that their (real) egg remains intact and in perfect condition until the end of the game... going through some challenging adventures!
During the game there are several tasks that represent the main factors to take into account when dealing with customers, whether they are external or internal and that can jeopardize the integrity of “their eggs”, if they are not properly anticipated and exceeded.
It can be played outdoors (urban or forest) or indoor, as long as there is enough space for the number of players concerned.

What is it for?
Essentially, this fun game aims to underline the importance of the customer service theme and its value to the organization.
The participants will associate each of the challenges of the game with the decisions they have to make on a daily basis when interacting with other departments or with the organization's external customers.
An essential experience for all functional areas of the organization, but even more important for commercial teams or teams of customer service and customer experience.

The Escape Room

What to do when the key to leave the room is inside our head?

It is a game designed for teams. It consists of an immersive experience where the way some key behaviors are manifested under pressure and in a group context can be explored.
When entering a room, the pressure of time reinforced by a countdown puts the participants in an amplified situation of their daily professional life, where time is invariably short and as a consequence, it does not always allow us to make the best decisions.
This game can be played in any room of the customer's choice in a fully prepared game.

What is it for?
This dynamic manages, in one or two hours, to highlight the natural behaviors of each person: allowing to identify personality traits, attitudes and commitment to the group. On the other hand, it allows us to evaluate the functioning of the team: to observe group dynamics and collective strategies more or less effective to achieve previously defined objectives. After the game, conclusions are drawn about the functioning of the team through a powerful debrief, conducted by an Immersis trainer.

DURATION: 3h to 4h
PARTICIPANTS: 15 to 100 people