Disruptive Experiences

It was essential to have an immersive experience category dedicated to everyone who likes to be surprised by life. This is the deepest root of Immersis!


What if it were possible to live a powerful experience of leadership inside a car, as a of co-pilot?

This truly immersive experience will transform participants into a group of exceptional co-pilots which will be responsible for guiding blind people in a unique opportunity in their lives, to be able to drive a real car.
Each participant is responsible for a blind person. There will be a roadbook for every co-pilot that explains all the tasks to the real pilot of the car, since the opening of the door until it drives through four stations in the planned circuit.

What is it for?
Through this experience, participants will understand in what way they can and should guide others and how they can apply the interpersonal communication skills that daily and without realizing it, make us face tremendous operational difficulties.
Through the debrief at the end of this challenge, participants will realize that they applied all the best practices associated with this theme, such as reformulation, feedback, assertiveness, positive reinforcement, among others.

DURATON: 3h to 4h
PARTICIPANTS: 8 to 40 people

DURATION: 1h up to 3 days
PARTICIPANTS: 5 to 50 people


A malfunction. The driver gets out to see what's happening and does not return. Participants are left alone...


An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is a “social game”, whose board we play on is the real world where we move every day, the perfect setting for a truly immersive experience.
In practical terms, participants are invited to live a reality parallel to their “normal” life for a few hours or a few days, where they get in touch with experiences that take place within a written plot tailored to each project.
This is the immersive activity that brings more curiosity, the most requested product at Immersis and that has already confronted participants with very unusual situations... such as the bus, for example!

What is it for?

The goals to be achieved with the Mini ARG can be very different from game to game, but they are usually associated with team cohesion and the confidence levels generated within the group.
An event marked by a Mini ARG necessarily leads its participants to establish relationships that will remain active for a long time.
A Mini ARG can be the full agenda of an event by itself, although it can be transformed into a midday experience or even a shorter dynamic of opening or closing a corporate event.


What if one day everything we thought was safe and guaranteed disappeared?

An unsettling immersive experience that goes through showing to its participants that if they don't change their attitude, their business will soon disappear… literally!
One morning all objects of these participants are removed from their workplace: chair, table, cabinets, etc. - their space is completely empty.
Before making these objects disappear, everything will be properly photographed and mapped, so that later it can be replaced as it was originally.
Participants will only recover “their objects” as they perform some actions.

What is it for?
Through this powerful analogy participants will understand that what they take for granted in organizations, can cease to be so and that to grow or survive it is necessary to be more proactive in generating business with their customers.
Adopting a proactive attitude in customer management means acting as an attentive caregiver, something characteristic of those who own their own business. However, many employees do not and still have the right to a table, a chair, a computer, etc.
With this experience, employees realize that these days are close to the end and it's necessary to adopt an attitude that makes the whole business grow so that it does not disappear.

DURATION: 1h up to 3 days
PARTICIPANTS: 5 to 30 people

PARTICIPANTS: Between 15 and 50 people


Well-known sports, practiced in a special way.

This deeply immersive experience consists of taking participants to compete in a championship of adapted sports, where they will feel the need to rediscover even a simple kick in a ball.
They will be able to feel in their own skin what a Paralympic athlete feels and play together with those same fantastic athletes, who will join us at the event.
They will practice Guide Racing, Goalball, Basketball, Volleyball and Rally, or others to be defined, in a competition with all the necessary equipment and real scores.

What is it for?
It is a powerful experience that must be applied in contexts of profound organizational change, in a logic of awareness.
The main message is related to the need for participants to realize that even in the face of situations that are quite common in their daily life, it is possible to find new ways for their realization ... adapting.

DURATION: 30 minutes to 1h
PARTICIPANTS: 10 to 60 people


What if your team had to manage a restaurant... a real restaurant?


We will transform the participants into a team of a real restaurant for real customers, where they will be responsible for everything: the cooking, the table setting and the waitering.
Through this experience, they will feel to what extent the ability to work as a team, communicate and solving conflicts determines the quality of the product that is served to their customers.
In your company as in many other businesses, the team is essential! Our proposal is to totally remove your employees from their comfort zone.

What is it for?

The responsibility associated with providing excellent service is a mandatory requirement for the degree of dedication that each member puts at the service of his team.
We will put interdependence and the need to solve problems by the minute into practice.
They will thus be placed under a demanding level of pressure, outside their comfort zone because they have to deal with the final customer in a different way than they're used to.