Decision Experiences

Leadership Maze

Decision making, feedback, emotional intelligence, leadership.


Leadership Maze is an immersive experience around a leadership challenge. The problem is real, the characters are real ... and the outcome is in your hands!
Those who participate in the experience are confronted with different types of speech, feedback and possible questions they can ask. In this sequence, you are encouraged to make a decision or an action.
As the dynamics flow, through an online platform guided by the main character, the guiding principles of each participant are highlighted.

What is it for?

Leading remotely does not necessarily imply distancing, highlighting the importance of communication, maintaining proximity and showing genuine interest in others.
In a context of increasingly responsible autonomy, it is crucial to ensure that employees remain focused on their mission and what the company expects of them, to strengthen mutual trust.

PARTICIPANTS: Up to 30 people

The Preference

Discovering ourselves to work better as a team


The Preference is an immersive experience that allows participants to become aware of their natural preferences. After a brief contextualization about the tool that inspires this experience - the MBTI - participants are divided into groups and separated into rooms where they will be confronted with exercises or situations of practical examples on a daily basis that allows them to know the different dichotomies. Each situation will generate a behavior or choice that will allow the participant to begin to understand why in certain contexts he ends up acting or deciding in a certain way.

What is it for?

Confronting the group with decision-making, information sharing, anticipation and activity planning processes will make the differences between each one emerge. Looking at these differences as something that can bring the team closer and make it stronger is the ultimate purpose of this experience. It is a fundamental piece to improve teamwork, it helps in the decision-making process, especially in a constantly changing context and with unexpected events like the one we are currently experiencing.

DURATION: 3h a 4h
PARTICIPANTS: Up to 40 people

DURATION: 1h to 2 h
PARTICIPANTS: More than 1000 people


What happens when a man's fate is in the hands of the crowd?


Mindcontrol is an immersive sociological experience that includes your team in a remote challenge where everything that will happen to a person, whether good or bad, is arbitrated by the public: your team. The situations/dilemmas posed to test the decision-making process, potentially promoting unconscious biases, the influence of which the group should try to reduce.

What is it for?

It leads the team through a path of deep reflection on how we relate between the individual and the whole in an organization, on the decision-making process and on the influence of social distance on empathy.

Defusing V-Bombs

Active listening, communication and collaboration are the disarming code


Defusing V-Bombs is an immersive experience that will transform teams into remote bomb squad brigades.
These brigades will have at their disposal a manual with the necessary instructions to avoid detonating explosive devices, but they will have to be very effective in communicating among team members so that they can fulfill their purpose within the time limit.

What is it for?

Problem solving follows a specific methodology that must be mastered by teams that face collective challenges on a daily basis. This methodology will be in evidence in this experiment.
The quality and effectiveness of communication are the main ingredients to successfully solve the challenges of these bombs within the time limit. These skills improve here with every move and every bomb that is disarmed... or it will explode.

PARTICIPANTS: Up to 100 people

Decision Risk

Every problem has a solution sometimes it resides in a discussions of ideas.


is an immersive experience that promotes storytelling where participants interact with fictional but real characters, within a narrative. The whole environment promotes decision making in the face of one or more problems that everyone feels in the organization and its teams, trying to reach the best decision together and trying never to forget ethics and impartiality.

What is it for?

The activity highlights the communication between participants, impartial analysis of the facts and orientation of the decision by values ​​and not by beliefs.
The design of the game highlights aspects related to decision making, taking into account the awareness of unconscious biases, trying to reduce the influence of other external constraints .

DURATION:1h to 2h

PARTICIPANTS: Up to 100 people

DURATION: 1h to 2 h
PARTICIPANTS: 40 to 500 people

The Kidnap

In the face of external pressure, does the team get more united or disintegrates?


The kidnap is an hybrid experience in which, from a distance and in person, a team of specialists tries to unravel an intricate mystery: saving the “victim” and, consequently, the organization.
The plot, built from the organization's history, transforms participants into squads who can be at the abduction site or remotely. Everyone will cooperate to overcome challenges that will save the place, stop the abduction and rescue their leader safe and sound.

What is it for?

The game format leads participants to become aware of the effective consequences of the behaviors adopted, individually and collectively. The themes of interpersonal communication are strengthened by training and by increasing mutual knowledge. Improves problem-solving skills and strengthens the role of each member of the team in generating solutions.