Courier Experiences

Mysterious Envelope

Only a creative and effective team can overcome this challenge


Mysterious Envelope is a game in which teams solve unexpected and ambiguous puzzles similar to what they encounter daily, through distance cooperation, within a time limit .
All participants receive a mysterious envelope through mail ou courier with a specified date and time to the opening. When the envelope is open, time begins to put pressure on the team, amplifying natural behaviors and forcing decision making, task allocation, communication and sharing of group learning.​

What is it for?

To reinforce team spirit because situations of tension and celebrations for each obstacle overcome create moments that remain in the memory of the participants.
Besides training, the debrief allows demonstrating to the team its ability of articulation, problem-solving, creativity and logical reasoning, both from an individual and group perspective.

DURATION: 1h to 1h30
PARTICIPANTS: Up to 50 people

DURATION: 1h30 to 2h00

PARTICIPANTES: Up to 35 people

Tic Tac Mission

What if you received an explosive suitcase at your home?


Tic Tac Mission is a remote version of Immersis' well-known Bomb Squad experience, an immersive experience that will transform teams into Bomb Squad brigades.
In this dynamic, one of the participants will receive a "real" bomb in his home that he will only be able to disarm with the help of the instructions manual held by the other participants.

What is it for?

The topic of interpersonal communication is strengthened by training and by increasing mutual knowledge. Emphasizes the importance of the problem-solving methodology and the role of each member of the team in generating solutions.

Be Together

Connection with team and company, motivation, effort management


Be Together is a moment of recognition and give back to the team.
The motto of this experience is simple... the feeling of belonging, the desire to connect. It's these connections that we are going to activate, through a sequential dynamic, that we propose to be dispersed in time, as a program.
A unique experience that starts with a memorable meal and can be complemented with a journey focused on the themes of gratitude and recognition, for teams that have been giving everything for the company.

What is it for?

The theme of “being together”, reflected in the feeling of belonging, building collective memories and sharing moments are amplified during the program, working as a foundation for retention and motivation.
Ritualization as a key element of the transfer process is highlighted, required and monitored by Immersis so that at the end of the program, an effective upgrade can happen.

DURATION: To be defined
PARTICIPANTS: Up to 25 people

DURATION: To be defined

PARTICIPANTS: Up to 100 people

United Memorial Art

Creativity, interdependence, connection with the team and the company, motivation.


United Memorial Art is an immersive experience with a high emotional impact, which aims to symbolize the ability of the organization and its people to contribute to the company's return to prosper.
An experience executed by the participants in an exemplary way, with the materials they will have available and with coordination between various groups, but with space for personalization. This dynamic is prepared and completed by Portuguese plastic artists.

What is it for?

The themes of communication between areas and interdependence so that the final piece is coherent.
Aspects related to decision making, choice of resources and ensuring the effectiveness of the creative and execution process.