Courageous Experiences

The immersive experiences that we will find here are dedicated to everyone who like to test their levels of courage and adrenaline.

DURATION: 1h to 2h
PARTICIPANTS: 4 to 30 people


All the capacities and competences required to stay in balance

The experience of Man on Wire, as the name implies, consists of taking the participants be in the shoes of a trapeze artist and to take a walk in a high-wire.
In an outdoor environment or in a room, there will be a narrow slackline at medium height, which connects two points and the goal of the participants will be to cross it safely from side to side, solo and in control maintaining balance.
All of this happens after a small workshop that will allow them to master the basic requirements to perform this walk.

What is it for?
Through this experience, they will learn all the factors necessary for a resilient attitude, through a powerful and fun metaphor.
The purpose of this experience is that the participants understand the impact of the control of the capacities and competencies implied here and that are required of any of us in the face of adverse and unstable environments (literally), where we must maintain balance.
Very useful in short-term activations related to Organizational Change.


Our ability to break barriers is much stronger than we think!

Through techniques that combine the practice of martial arts with the daily routine of companies, we propose this different approach that provides a high focus on discipline, working simultaneously with confidence to deal with challenges and decision making.
At the end of this experience, the martial arts master challenges the participants to break a board and face the real barriers that separate them from their own victory: their inner barriers.
In the end, participants will be amazed at their ability to break a board with their own hands with the collaboration of their colleagues.

What is it for?
It intends to work on aspects related to proactivity, making it easy to associate the facilitator's final debrief with decision making and guidance for anticipation.
It is also used many times to apply in closing or opening events and themes related to organizational change, metaphorizing employees' fears.
It can also be applied to increase the ability for action and courage in the face of obstacles and difficulties in daily professional life.

PARTICIPANTS: Up to 500 people

DURATION: 3h to 4h
PARTICIPANTS: Up to 200 people

Truck Pulling Race

In this ativity unity is strength...

It is a solidarity competition contested by teams that will pull fire trucks, all of which will start from one point and travel a defined distance to the finish line (the distance they manage to pull will be translated into money).
Each team in the race will pull the truck with a rope and with their own hands (gloves are optional but sports shoes are mandatory). The winning team will be the fire department that will receive this donation.

What is it for?
It makes the team face an extraordinary and apparently impossible challenge, realizing how they stand before a situation of this nature. In addition to being a highly energizing dynamic, the debrief of an activity like this makes it possible to draw conclusions about the way change takes place within organizations, where not only the team effort must be observed, but also the intensity, direction, and synchrony of that effort.

Life for life

Leadership and team management tested in the theater of operations of a fire department.

This immersive experience consists of turning organization leaders and team managers into fire chiefs who have a responsibility to make decisions in frighteningly real but simulated, theaters of operations.
The group will be divided into 4 teams that rotate between emergency missions: put out a fire in a building; remove someone in trouble from a floor of a building; rescue a victim from a fall on a cliff and disengage a victim from a road accident.
Everyone will be properly dressed and travel in real fire trucks, with all operations, assisted and supported by specialized firefighters and Immersis facilitators.

What is it for?
Through this experience, they will understand the method to lead teams in order to ensure that they are genuinely committed to their mission, even in the most adverse situations of the organization.
In a fire department, it is up to its leaders to ensure a balance between the effort to prevent and solve problems and the motivation of your teams to save lives.
At the base of this balance is the method of operational leadership that will be learned and practiced by everyone.

DURATION: 4h to 8h
PARTICIPANTS: 4 to 40 people