Continuity programs

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3 November, 2020
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16 February, 2021

Continuity programs

Over the past few months, many organizations and their employees have seen their management skills, such as leadership, planning and decision making, deeply changed.

At the beginning of the year the vaccines came, but we immediately realized that this would not allow us to return quickly to the old reality. The reality in which we felt we could predict the next week, at least.

In light of this context, there is a pattern in management behaviors that is likely to repeat itself in comparison to previous months: “We will see how the next 15 days are going to be, meanwhile perhaps we will organize a remote session for the team to feel better!” - that is, the performance of specific remote activities that may not be enough to change behaviors.

It is essential to assume definitively that this is the new reality in which we live and to adjust management measures accordingly, as many organizations have already done.

Some decided, from a very early age in this pandemic, that the development of their people would never be done systematically again in person, in training rooms, and designed comprehensive distance training programs. They ensured stability in the development of their people's skills, opting for a continuity program and not a one-shot session.

Other organizations have definitely changed their investment plans in terms of infrastructure, considering the new reality of remote work as effective and permanent. Still others have identified new markets here, such as internationalization, for example.

If this is the reality that we know today and that will continue, does it make sense to have a remote continuity program and not just a one-off session?

A continuity program that helps the teams to become more cohesive, or a regular remote training program, so that we can have high-performance teams again, or even regular and remote monitoring of the leadership, to support decision making and piloting management plans. This will be one of our goals for 2021, helping our customers to prosper by defining “their own certainties” and helping them to identify new opportunities in this context.

And won't these certainties change afterward? Of course, and we will adapt again, and that is the only certainty that we can always count on: change!

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