Building Experiences

It couldn't miss a category of immersive experiences in which participants are challenged to build something together, it is one of the most used formats to develop teamwork.

PARTICIPANTS: 10 to 200 people

Ready, Set, Go!

After all, aren't we the ones who start the engines every day?

A “collaborative competition” where participants have to set up a bicycle from scratch, in about 45 minutes, starting from a work table containing all the disassembled parts and tools necessary to carry out this task and without resorting to any instruction manual.
Each team, made up of 5 to 10 people, will have to assemble just one bicycle having to work with the other teams since some of the parts or tools they need are at their workstation and vice versa.
After the assembly, the bicycle they have set up will be used by another team and they will also get a bike from another team. In the end, they may have to attach them and perform a fun obstacle course to finish the activity (optional).

What is it for?
In this dynamic it is possible to extract the following reflections: do we need all the details to “get the machine to work” in contexts of pressure?; is collaboration equal to efficiency?; are communication and trust important when everyone works together?; were we aware of what others did to help or learn? and the “competing” teams, were they doing the same?
Ideal for short duration events with a high number of participants, that allows very broad and diversified educational notes.


A team composed by children who have ambitious objectives to achieve.


This is a workshop where we propose to bring together kids and grown-ups, with the challenge of building together several wooden electric guitars and an amplifier. By the end, the guitars will be used to play a short song.
Each participant will be separated from the rest and will be assigned to a team of children. The participant will have to manage their work table and carry out the assembly of the instruments successfully within an hour (without direct intervention in the manual work).

What is it for?

It intends to put into practice the strategies and techniques particular to team management, where all aspects required of a true leader are highlighted.
From the assessment and management of available resources, through the diagnosis of skills and personal development techniques, the participant responsible for the team will have to go through everything.
Naturally, motivation management and emotional intelligence are two of the ingredients that will be put to the test, since children will expose all their true emotions, whether good or bad.

DURATION: 3h to 4h
PARTICIPANTS: 4 to 15 people