Artistic Experiences

Art transports us to another dimension of experiential learning, where we are invited to see reality through other lenses that activate our emotions in unexpected ways.

DURATION: 3h to 4h
PARTICIPANTS: 5 to 200 people


This is the most stunning way to celebrate the team with the team


It is a true Social Responsibility experience where participants are transformed into a group of percussionists who will learn to play different types of drums until they can play a piece with very extraordinary elements: the real Bombarte of the CERCI Lisboa project, composed of people with intellectual disability.
We start with the team divided into sub-groups that will learn different rhythms, and then gradually integrated into a single band and playing a unique musical piece, together with the Bombarte percussionists.

What is it for?

This dynamic intends to work three fundamental pillars of team formation: common goal, shared vision and interdependence. This last one is evidenced through the role that each plays in this musical piece.
At the end of the experience, conclusions are drawn about the interdependent functioning of the team, through a debrief conducted by an Immersis facilitator.


Transform teamwork in a real artistic moment with lots of soul!


This experience consists of transforming the participants into a gospel choir, directed by maestro João Castro (bandmaster of the famous St. Dominic's Gospel Choir), who will present the team final work to a real and very demanding audience.
The bandmaster will begin by assessing the participants' natural vocal timbre, organizing them by groups, which will work separately on the lyrics of a choral musical piece within the range of its vocal.
Then the choir joins and they all sing the same theme, although they are rehearsed so that the final effect results in a song sung in several tones.

What is it for?

Through this experience, participants will understand what teamwork means, listening and carefully following their colleagues in the most fun way.
It is intended to make a parallel with the reality of organizations, where each one has its specific function and its individual or group objectives, but where everyone necessarily contributes to something greater, the organization's plans.

DURATION: 3h to 4h
PARTICIPANTS: 15 to 200 people