4 days in London to continue transforming corporate learning


2023 is the year of innovation for our two brands Immersis and Scapegoat.

And for this to happen we need to raise our heads, reflect and look for new sources of inspiration. That’s what we did at the beginning of April and let me tell you, it was everything we hoped for. As well as helping us to better understand and prove the power of immersive experiences and how they can enhance corporate learning, the trip also served to reinforce our belief that we are on the right track. We experienced multiple situations that introduced us to new methods, tools and technology, making it possible to broaden our impact and the immersibility of our experiences, and we absorbed many ideas from the 8 experiences visited to continue doing things better and differently.

One of the beliefs that became most evident during the trip was the importance of storytelling as a tool to facilitate understanding and learning.

Anyone who takes part in Peaky Blinders realizes how a well-told story, with moments of musical entertainment and active intervention, can be extremely impactful. Active participation and the powerful debrief it can generate makes the experience memorable and proves the effectiveness of this type of approach, even for those who haven’t seen the series. Anyone who is exposed to David Hockney’s experience and hears him narrate his story and work in his own voice will carry that moment with them forever. The story behind the experience has to take center stage, and we feel that in our own skin.

By trying out different immersive experiences, we had the chance to experience first-hand the importance of immersion in creating lasting memories. We stepped out of our comfort zone and realized that by challenging ourselves to explore new environments and try new things, we become more open and willing to learn.

When we immersed ourselves in the 10,000 m2 of the world’s benchmark immersive theater – Punchdrunk, we reinforced the conviction that this dimension enables a profound transformational impact. This lesson was fundamental for our team and we will use what we learned to continue to help companies looking to innovate and develop.

The trip also showed us the power of the senses in amplifying learning. Immersive experiences engage all our senses, making learning richer and more memorable. Activating the senses helps to deepen understanding and emotional connection with the content, which is essential for effective learning. From London’s retail to the Swamp Motel’s extraordinary St. Jude auditory experience, everything converges on the importance of using the senses and stimulating the body to reach the mind. First awakening, then learning or retaining and finally transforming is possible through experiences.

We already firmly believe that “play” is one of the most powerful elements in motivating teams to learn. An extraordinary example of this was Phantom Peak, where surrounded by platypuses and in a steampunk setting full of good actors, we were transported to an intriguing universe where we worked together to solve challenges and unravel mysteries. This kind of approach really stimulated creativity, critical thinking, improvisation and collaboration, while making learning more fun and engaging.

In addition, the trip allowed us to experience the potential of immersive experiences for teambuilding and inspiration. The activities provided moments of integration and strengthened the relationships between our team. We discovered that we are very similar in our differences and that our cohesive team is capable of facing any future challenge with enthusiasm and commitment. An example? Playing “Codenames” at 2 a.m. while almost magically managing to maintain a dual focus between connecting and creating a new product. These moments are unique and should be a resource for teams.

With several days of debriefing, hundreds of hours of sharing and dozens of new ideas, we feel that the trip to London was an important milestone in our trajectory as a team and as brands. We learned new and even more valuable lessons about the power of immersive experiences and how they can be used to enhance corporate learning. We reinforced our belief that we are on the right track and gained new resources to amplify our impact.

We met some brilliant people who will continue to help us fulfill the purpose of Immersis and Scapegoat – to transform people’s lives through experiences. A special thank you to James Wallman and the magnificent WXO. We are now even better prepared to face the challenges of the future and help organizations develop and grow. How, you ask?

  • By encouraging you to reflect on the potential of immersive experiences as a valuable resource for achieving your goals.
  • By challenging you to use captivating narratives, engagement of the senses, and playful approaches to boost learning, motivation and the cohesion of your teams.
  • Inviting you to get to know our new experiences that we are preparing after the trip we took.

We hope that by sharing these beliefs and lessons, we can inspire other companies to take this journey, one experience at a time… and stay tuned for our next updates, because together we are going to revolutionize corporate learning.

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4 days in London to continue transforming corporate learning